about me

I am a Software Developer with 8years of development experience in .net technologies, Cloud programming with Azure, Azure functions, Azure DevOps, with C# as the programming language and Asp.net as the development platform. I have worked in various business areas such as Payment Processing, Software Application development, and Ecommerce/ Web development.

I am a polyglot. In life, I speak 5 languages, can converse in 4 languages at the same time. Professionally, I am comfortable swinging between front end technologies or .net/ .netCore development. My initial desire to reduce legacy data dependency and move non-essential data services to the cloud was how I started on Azure. Then one thing led to another and here I am – in love with the cloud computing platform. I had found this love when I was working with frontend apps using AngularJS or React and now I have found it again with azure. My applications are brought to life with some code and some azure awesomeness.

I love to learn. Especially when there is a challenge. Learning is not all prim and proper. It’s messy! there are a lot of setbacks, a lot of falls, some victories and some aha moments. For me – the learning and the exhilaration are what keep me going. I routinely challenge myself by taking up new courses on PluralSight or Udemy to keep up with my learning. I like to reach out to like-minded individuals who are working with the same technologies as I am.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Languages: C#, XAML, T-SQL
  • Cloud: Windows Azure platform, Azure web jobs, Azure functions, Data factory, Datapipeline, SQL Azure, Table storage, Service Bus, Event hub, and Blob Azure Storage
  • Web technologies: .net core 2.0, ASP.Net, ASP.Net WebAPI, Node.JS, Angular, ReactJS, JQuery, XML/XSLT, HTML5, DHTML,CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX and familiar with PHP
  • Microsoft .NET development: Windows and Web forms, Windows and Web Services, RESTful Services, WPF and WCF
  • Third-party API Integration: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Paypal API
  • Database: SQL Azure, MS SQL Server, MongoDB, PostgresSQL, and MySQL
  • Methodologies: MVC, Microsoft Prism and MVVM
  • Integrations: Facebook API & SDK, PayPal API & SDK, Twitter API, Google Analytics and more